How to dress appropriate for a night out in Las Vegas

Nightclubs in Las Vegas are different than most nightclubs anywhere in the world. The music is better and the DJís are professional and there are celebrities in abundance. There are more nightclubs like TAO, Pure, Rain, Ghost Bar, LAVO and Marquee plus a whole lot more. A great nightclub is a great way to top off any vacation. The prices for cover charges may vary but each club is a luxurious as the next. Ladies cover charges are less than for men but donít worry there are some really great deals around.

When it comes to the dress codes these clubs do not mess around. Most clubs have some sort of dress code and that is not because they want to turn people away but Las Vegas clubs are known for their luxury and for their poshness. So why wouldnít they want their clientele to look as good as the club does. So how are you going to dress for a night out in Las Vegas?

If you are a man, then your best bet is to dress the same, as you would go to any other club. Men should wear a nice button down shirt with sports jacket and dress shoes; with a neat appearance you cannot go wrong. With the men clubs do not want baggy jeans or baggy clothes, no sandals and no hats. Most Las Vegas clubs ask that you avoid Team wear, you may cause unnecessary attention from the club staff and in some opinions it hurts your chances with women.

Ladies are a different story, clubs want you to look fashionable but not trashy, with the sophisticated clubs in Vegas, the idea of less is more doesnít apply. Ladies should dress sexy but classy. Stay away from see through clothes, women should wear skirts, and mini dresses are a good fit. Like the men stay away from the sneakers, caps and active or sports wear. Women have less dress restrictions on them then men do, so it makes it easier to dress nice. Nothing too short but you can keep it fancy but smart. A nice pair of jeans that are not faded are good with a nice blouse and a pair of heels. Some clubs do not allow halter tops or too short skirts, if you arenít sure call the club in advance and find out what they allow and what they donít allow. This way you donít get over the club, wait in line and discover that you are turned away at the door.

When you go to a club in Las Vegas, you want to dress to impress and when others dress the same way you know that they are also dressing to impress. When people wear street style clothes to the club chances are that you form an opinion of them before they speak based on what they are wearing, if everyone is dressed nice then everyone is on the same level.

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